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Chen Hao is another good duelist from the Netherlands his tactics are: Gladiator Beasts, Roids, Winged Dragon Of Ra and Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon.


Level 1-4 monsters:

Big Eye: 1200/1000

Cyber Jar: 900/900

D. D. Trainer: 100/2000

Drill Synchron: 800/300

Exiled Force: 1000/1000

Expressroid: 400/1600

Gazelle The King Of Mythical Beasts: 1500/1200

Giant Orc: 2200/0

Giant Rat: 1400/1450

Giant Soldier Of Stone: 1300/2000

Gladiator Beast Gun Dipper: 1500/800

Gladiator Beast Chasing Dipper: 400/300

Gladiator Beast Heavy-Duty Dipper: 700/2100

Kuriboh: 300/200

Man-Eater Bug: 450/600

Masked Dragon: 1400/1100

Mystical Elf: 800/2000

Mystic Tomato: 1400/1100

Neo Bug: 1800/1700

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole: 900/300

Oxygen Dragon: 1800/800

Sangan: 1000/600

Soul Tiger: 0/2100

Sword Master: 1200/0

Truckroid: 1000/2000

Twin-Headed Behemoth: 1500/1200

X-Saber Galsem: 1400/400

Level 5+6 monsters

Giga Gagagigo: 2450/1500

Gladiator Beast Spartacus: 2200/1600

Jinzo: 2400/1500

Labyrinth Wall: 0/3000

Summoned Skull: 2500/1200

Timeater: 1900/1700

Level 7-9 monsters

Black Tyranno: 2600/1800

Gogiga Gagagigo: 2950/2800

Insect Queen: 2200/2400

Red-Eyes B. Dragon: 2400/2000

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon: 2400/2000

Level 10+ monsters

Andro Sphinx: 3000/2500

Winged Dragon Of Ra ????/????

Ritual Monsters:

Cu Chulainn The The Awakened: 500/1000

Fusion Monsters:


Synchro Monsters:

Gaia Knight, The Force Of Earth: 2600/800

Goyo Guardian: 2800/2000

Majestic Red Dragon: 4000/3000

X-Saber: 2300/1300

Magic Cards:

Change Of Heart

Chaos End

Dark Hole

Different Dimension Capsule

Hammer Shot

Level Limit - Area B

Monster Reborn (2x)

Soul Exchange

Tribute To The Doomed

Trap Cards:

Call Of The Haunted


Dragon's Rage

Magic Arm Shield

Physical Double

Robbin' Goblin

Raigeki Break

Return From The Different Dimension

Spellbinding Circle

Trap Hole

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